My story

I was in a small boutique where I knew the owner of the shop and I was very comfortable with my surroundings. I had put my purse down on a table just 4 feet away from me and turned my back for what seemed like a few minutes. That is all it took for a mother/daughter team to come in, sit next to my purse, surround it with their bags, and get up and walk out. Not any warning! Talk about frustrating!

-Diane, founder of Charm Alarm

Tell us your story…

Hi there! I can totally relate to your experience! I was at the movies one afternoon and after buying tickets I stood in line with my friend waiting to go into the theater. While we were waiting to go in, someone must have reached into my purse, which was on my shoulder, and stole my wallet! I did not realize it until I went to the snack bar. Wish I had Charm Alarm!


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