What is Charm Alarm?

Jewelry that’s a security device:

The Charm Alarm consists of an ornate, beautiful charm. Fashionable enough that you might not notice it is also cutting edge wearable technology that includes lights, vibration, and an alarm. The Smart Card is about the same size as a credit card, with a built in speaker at the top of the card so it conveniently slides into a card slot in your wallet.

How it works:

You want to keep tabs on your purse, but you still want to have a good time and not keep your personal security at the top of your mind. Let Charm Alarm watch your purse for you. If you set your purse down and walk away, Charm Alarm determines the purse is still under your control but will warn you if you walk too far away from it. If someone takes your purse or wallet and walks away, the Charm alerts you with a light, vibration, and an audible alarm. At the same time, the Smart Card located in your wallet generates an audio alarm so the would-be thief knows you are protected.

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How it got personal…

Charm Alarm is the invention of Diane Jenkins, who personally felt the pain of having her purse stolen just days before the holidays. Not only was her purse full of cash, but it also contained her driver license, credit cards, irreplaceable photos, and a precious heirloom she just had repaired and picked up that day. Diane felt she was in a safe place – a small boutique she frequented and where she knew the owner. However, neither Diane nor the owner of the shop expected the unexpected. A mother and daughter team had been robbing local stores that day, and they had their eye on Diane’s purse. They waited for the perfect moment, waiting for Diane to put her purse down as she was checking out something high on a shelf at the boutique. The thieves moved in, sat next to her purse, and stealthily scooped it up. They immediately got up and calmly walked out the door without raising any suspicions.

“If only I had received a warning that my purse was moving away from me.” With that frustration and perseverance, Diane developed Charm Alarm. “I will not allow myself to be caught off guard like that again!”

Charm Alarm is designed to keep you aware of your wallet or purse, by letting you know if it is moving away from you, or if you are moving away from it.

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Meet the team

  • DianeJenkins-1

    Diane Jenkins

    — CEO and Founder

    After having her own purse stolen, Diane was determined to create a solution to help people stay aware of their belongings. In 2012 Diane won the the Business Plan Competition at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management, where she then received her MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Diane’s undergraduate studies encompass fine art, graphic design, and business management.

  • MikeMarkoe-1

    Michael Markoe

    — CTO and Co-Founder

    With a background ranging from work in electrical design to information security Mike is dedicated to building wearable technology that is also fashionable and empowers the wearer with added security. Mike enjoys the challenge of a start up and is committed to the principle of building intuitive designs. He received a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California at Santa Barbara.